French Broad River

The French Broad River is a large river flowing from Rosman, North Carolina through Asheville, Mars Hill and into the state of Tennessee, where it's confluence with the Holsten River is the beginning of the Tenessee River. The French Broad is one of several ancient riveres that flows across geographically rather than down from our Appalachian Mountains.
The French broad offers our anglers with a plethora of species of fish to cast to. At Burnsville Anglers, smallmouth and musky are our target when floating the French Broad. 
With miles of river to fish the French Broad offers all-day action, while enjoying beautiful scenery. Typical half day excursions can result in 25-30 smallies in the boat, with full-days getting over the 40 mark. The bronzeback genetics are very good in the French Broad river, which can offer smallmouth up to 5 pounds in the spring and early summer seasons. 
Ultralight spinning tackle or fly fishing is the norm. When using ultralight spinning gear we typically throw small plugs, in-line spinners and variations of hair jigs and minnow imitation lures. When using fly fishing setups, we typically throw Wooly Boogers, streamers and popping bugs to get the brown fish to bite.
With a ton of water to fish, the fishing never slows down. Book a trip with Burnsville Anglers and see what the smallmouth buzz is all about!