South Toe River

A true mountain river. The South Toe can produce everything from wild rainbow trout to huge brown trout. Offering a very good wading stream and easy to fish. The perfect river for drifting nymphs along small river channels, to casting dry flies upstream while drifting under overhanging branches and to slowly bumping the bottom with small midges.
The South Toe stems from a number of cold-water creeks and tributaries coming off of Mount Mitchell, the tallest peak east of the Mississippi. With some of the coldest water in Western North Carolina, the South Toe provides an abundant source of minerals and forage for trout and smallmouth alike. Many sections of the river are partitioned off for private land, so knowing exactly where and where not to go is a must.
Tributaries that feed into the South Toe are as follows:  Right Prong South Toe River, Left Prong South Toe River, Hemphill Creek, South Fork Upper Creek, Still Fork Creek, Middle Fork Upper Creek, Lower Creek, Camp Creek, Little Mountain Creek, Grassy Knob Branch, Laurel Branch, Middle Creek, Rock Creek, Colbert Creek, Locust Creek, Oak Forest Creek, White Oak Creek,
Brown's Creek and many more. All of these clear water tributaries offer the South Toe with plenty food for our fish, loaded with nutrients offering a wonderful mountain fishery.
Burnsville Anglers offers some of our finest fly fishing and fly fishing lessons at the South Toe River. With easy access and clean, cold-water family outings are full of fun and fish catching excitement.