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Burnsville, North Carolina offers some of the best trout fishing in Western North Carolina. All of Burnsville's rivers and creeks stem from high peak elevations, which provides an ample amount of oxygen and cold water for our large trout populations. Each river and creek fishes differently which offers our clients a variety of different techniques to try for trout. Techniques that are used in our rivers and creeks include dry fly fishing slow drifts and still pools, nymph fishing moderate fast drifts and deep shoots, and drifting midges in small channels under rock ledges.

The South Toe River is set up perfectly for dry fly fishing and drifting nymphs along small creek channels and slow currents. The river is easy to wade and can offer some big catches at special times of the year. Known for its cold water and instant mayfly hatches the South Toe can provide beautiful wild trout to trophy browns.

The North Toe River is a wide river that is well-known for its healthy smallmouth population. This is our favorite river to float and can offer high numbers of smallmouth during the summer to early winter and very big smallmouth in early spring to mid-summer. Come prepared to cast popping bugs and big shad flies. Spinning gear will also be provided!

French Broad River is another one of our favorite rivers to float. With a variety of fish species, targeting everything from smallmouth to musky is what we do best. Whether throwing big 9 inch flies for large predators is your cup of tea or casting popping bugs to smallmouth - we can make your adventure come true.

Nolichucky River is a 115 mile river that flows from Western North Carolina into East Tennessee, named after the Nolichucky settlements along the River in Tennessee. This river produces some big smallmouth bass as well as beautiful wild trout. With deep holes getting up to 20 feet deep, big fish can grow fast. With a number of different creeks feeding the Nolichucky float and wade trips are also possible along the river.

Burnsville Anglers offers fishing trips in a number of different Backwoods Creeks that are off the beaten path. Our staff of professional guides know about all of our private creeks all too well. These creeks are smaller and specifically target wild trout from Burnsville and the Appalachian Mountains. Catch beautiful brook trout and wild rainbow trout in our backwood creeks with us!