Burnsville Fly Fishing Trip

Burnsville NC Fly Fishing Trip

With a number of different rivers, and creeks to fish there are endless techniques to be used on many stretches of waters. From drifting nymphs to dry fly fishing, and slowly drifting midges on some of Burnsville, North Carolina’s cold water creeks.

Fishing in December – February

In Burnsville, North Carolina, our waters are colder than many of Western North Carolina’s streams and rivers. This time of year the fishing can be difficult, but with the right setup, leader and flies a cold winter day of fly fishing can be very rewarding. Preparing for winter fly fishing in Burnsville, NC is the key to a successful day on the water.

Fly Fishing Preparation

Warm winter socks, with multiple layers is critical when battling cold mornings, and winter winds. A heavy duty jacket that allows for arm movement and a good pair of waders will keep movement areas dry.

Fishing Equipment

A 3-5 wt. rod and reel set up with 5X to 7X tippet and a light leader is a crucial part when fishing our clear rivers. During the winter months small midges of black and green patterns work very well when fishing for brown, rainbow and brook trout. Egg patterns can be very productive during spawning seasons as well. During cold winter months trout will be hunkering down under rocks in deep pockets.

Burnsville Fly Fishing Technique

When wading Burnsville’s creeks or rivers the key is to find deep pockets that allow for high oxygen concentrations. This is where our wild trout will be found most of the time. Wild trout will be found when high oxygen and cold water is present. To get your midge or small fly down into these holes small split shots can be used or heavy lead wire around the midge will help to hit rocks down a shoot. Multiple casts, up to 30 casts, in the same spot are critical for presenting the fly to hungry trout. Many times the shoot will take the fly out of the trouts mouth or the trout won’t have enough time to inhale the fly.

Burnsville Fly Fishing Guide Trips with Burnsville Anglers can help you execute these techniques, with fly fishing lessons when you book a guide trip with us. To learn more about fly fishing trips in Burnsville North Carolina, contact Burnsville Anglers at (828) 691-1506.